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The conference programme inludes the following topical sessions:

  1. Elementary processes, general plasma physics, dusty plasmas
  2. Plasmas in tokamaks and stellarators. Magnetic confinement fusion
  3. Plasmas generated by laser beams. Inertial confinement fusion
  4. Space plasmas and laboratory astrophysics
  5. Plasma diagnostics. Measurements and data processing, including AI
  6. Plasma medicine, agriculture and environmental applications

The topics will be presented in separate plenary sessions during which invited lecturers will give distinguished talks on the most recent outstanding developments in their research areas.

The sessions will be complemented by the oral contributions of the presenters selected from the received abstract by the scientific committee.

Other contributions accepted by the scientific committee will be presented at poster sessions.

Plenary Session

Public Plenary Session Registration

The number of participants is limited, the order of applications decides about the possibility of participation. We are waiting for registrations until 14 September at 12:00 p.m.